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Drawer Channels

They are widely used in kitchen cabinet , home furniture hardware, office appliance. It is heavy duty with premium quality.

Drawer Channel

Size is available 75 gms and 62 gms with 10”, 12”, 14”,16”, 18”, 20” and 22” .

Hydraulic Hinges

2 D hinge (Iron) size = 0, 8, 15 degree, 2 D hinge (Steel) size = 0, 8, 15 degree and 3 D hinge (Iron) size = 0, 8, 15 degree.

Hydraulic Hinges

The hydraulic hinge is a door – closing technical system which working     process is a  result of fluids under pressure. This is the premium quality.

Tandem Boxes

Tandem box drawers open smoothly and close quietly. This is a soft close       feature.

Tandom Boxes

Size : 4” tandem box, 6” Tandem box, 8” Tandem box

Wardrobe Sliders

Standard Size

Wardrobe Sliders

Sliding wardrobe use a track system  to ‘Slide’ open and close.  They can add a modern feel  to wardrobes or achieve a contemporary style in a room. We are provide a good quality Wardrobe Sliders.

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We are the supplier/ Manufacturer of high quality hardware items used in various house. hold and commercial furniture articles, KGF is believed to be the highest quality hardware available in Indian Market.