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We create the perfect combination of intelligent technology functionality and design.

It is with this claim that we develop and produce a variety of fittings for all sorts of different functions. The drawer systems and runner systems above Hinges as well as Sliding and folding door systems

Good furniture needs good solutions

For the home, working world and quality of life.

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About us

Ryan impex the company was founded in 2015 and has been in Imports and manufacturing of architectural hardware for homes and offices. Ryan impex company specializes in producing more than 100 models of corner hinges, tandem box, drawer channels etc. Our product is good to use in kitchens cabinets, wardrobes. The products are well distributed in all cities in India and foreign countries. We can produce high quality products and provide excellent services. Company basic details given below.

Best Quality Matters a lot.

There is a lot more to furniture items than their external look. Firstly, furniture building material plays a key role in determining its durability. Secondly, furniture hardware or furniture fittings are extremely important for the strength and functionality of the furniture. Generally, in order to cut down the overall furniture budget, the users sideline the furniture hardware. However, this is where things go wrong. It must be understood that without good furniture fittings, a piece of furniture, no matter how precisely made, will not last long. 

Rahul Mittal - Team Quality Assurance ( KGF Hardware )
Our products

We will provide customer – valued solution with the best prices, products and service to make our company the first choice for home improvement.

We deal in these scrolling products as of now but we are keen to explore new solutions.

The sole vision of the company  is to deliver product and services conforming  to international standards  and satisfying  the requirements and expectation of our customers in respect of quality.

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For a better life style

We are the supplier/ Manufacturer of high quality hardware items used in various house. hold and commercial furniture articles, KGF is believed to be the highest quality hardware available in Indian Market.

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As an Industries Innovator, we wish to have more partners to join us in this great area to achieve a win-win situation by optimizing respective strength and integrating resources; we stick to innovative and sustain business operation with a persistent vigor and vitality, to keep advantage in being a leading enterprises and to always lead people to a better lifestyle.

Know mre about us

We're most innovative hardware solutions provides, we do deep research before launching the product and try to provide the optimum solution be it price or quality.

We have been doing business since 2015 and always made our customers/ clients satisfied with the quality and durability of our products. Our engineered Hardware are the best in the market.   

We are continuously working hard to explore the horizon of our hardware collection as of now we deal in 5 categories wardrobe handles, Tandem Box, hinges, Wardrobe sliding rollers and Drawer channels. 

You can call us at our mentioned numbers or you can visit our office during working hours. 

We’re as good as they say we are